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Lawn irrigation systems promote water conservation. If you have a sprinkler system, annual maintenance, proper controller programming and appropriate schedules are the best ways to improve the health of your landscape and save you money.

The keys to efficient watering are to properly adjust controller schedules monthly during the active season, reduce watering of established shrubs and trees, and program your controller to run the sprinklers before 9:00 AM to reduce evaporation.

Many modern controllers allow you to adjust your watering schedule using a built-in feature such as “seasonal adjust”. This feature allows you to change the length of the water cycle for all zones simultaneously.

Water Conservation Services

  • Match sprinkler heads in each zone: Pop-ups and rotors have different distribution rates. Unmatched heads within the same area results in over-irrigation of some parts of your garden in order to get adequate amounts to other areas. Solution:  NPL can update your system for uniform coverage, improved plant health and prevent unnecessary water loss.
  • Stop low-head drainage: After the zone has completed its cycle, water should not continuously leak from the head. Sprinklers with built-in check-valves prevent the water from draining from the pipe on slopes. Solution: NPL can upgrade problematic sprinklers to prevent water waste that will provide a cost savings to you.
  • Eliminate water run-off: If run-off occurs shortly after watering begins, soil compaction, quality, or grade may be the problem. Solution: NPL can aerate your lawn or set multiple start times for each zone to allow the water to soak in after each watering cycle.
  • Stop misting and/or unnecessary over-spray: This occurs when you have excessive system pressure.  Solution: NPL can install a pressure-regulating valve to reduce system pressure. This will result in improved plant health and permit water conservation.
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Sprinkler Services

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  • Maximize Water Conservation
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