Vanishing Water Falls
Seattle & Eastside
Craftsmen For Your Garden Sanctuary!
Vanishing water falls combine the best aspects of fountains and water gardens.  Easy to maintain and safe to operate in unfenced locations, the water pours over the falls and vanishes into the gravel basin. The water level is maintained below the surface of the rock and is re-circulated with a pump.  When not in operation, the water drains from the falls into an underground reservoir where it is stored for on demand usage.

Pumps should be operated for one hour daily (depending on the size of the feature) to keep the water from stagnating. An automatic fill valve will maintain the water level for safe pump operation, and UV sterilizers will reduce algae and harmful bacteria from the water.

This versatile “pond-less” water feature can be installed for a relaxing entry feature, entertaining guests on an accompanying patio, or creating a private sitting area for meditation.
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